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Roar Gill

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Mysore Decaf 10 Pods

Mysore Decaf 10 Pods

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Your perfect eco-friendly alternative for those that want to ditch the caffeine. 10 Nespresso original compatible decaf pods. Certified home compostable.


- Intensity: 7
- Best taken: Between 40ml-110ml
- Source: Mysore, Karnataka, India.
- Processing: Washed.
- Flavour Notes: Chocolate, toffee brittle & nuts.
- Main Growing Regions: Western Ghats.
- Price per pod on subscription: 30p

Eco Credentials:

- Certified Home Compostable.
Carbon neutral capsule production.
Carbon neutral coffee roasting.
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent from London to Venice by car.


Mysore is one of the most popular varieties of Indian coffee - known for its unique flavour profile. It's primarily grown in the hilly areas of the Western Ghats at 800 - 1100 metres above sea level. The region's rich soil, moderate climate, and ample rainfall contribute to the development of some top notch beans.
Mysore coffee is characterised by its mild acidity and medium body. It has a well-balanced flavour with hints of chocolate, toffee brittle, and nuts. Often the decaffeination process can overly soften the profile. But we found that this particular decaf packs a punch!

The Decaf Process

Our decaffeinated version uses the CO2 method, which removes the need for chemicals when removing the caffeine.  The CO2 circulates through the beans for several hours, extracting the caffeine. The caffeine-rich CO2 is then separated from the beans and the CO2 is recycled and reused.

The process also uses less water and energy than other decaffeination methods. The final caffeine content in this coffee, after decaffeination, is 0.01%.

Did You Know

Mysore coffee is often enjoyed as filter coffee locally - a popular brewing method in South India. The ground coffee remains in the cup and is mixed with hot water, and the resulting brew is then mixed with hot milk and sugar to create a flavourful and aromatic cup of coffee. After the brewing period, the grounds sink to the bottom. This unfiltered brew is traditionally served in a steel tumbler and Davarah - a small metal cup and saucer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Donna Reck
Decaf Dream

We have been using the subscription service for a couple of months now which is very easy to set up & control. The coffee taste great & is the best decaf we have found. 👍 Up all round

Roar Gill coffee pods

I've tried so many decaffeinated coffee pods over the last few years and they've been ok but didn't like the fact they use chemicals in the decaf procedure. Roar Gill use Co2 or Swiss water filtration, so much better for you than a load of chemicals. And...they taste delicious. It's a win/win from me. Have now started a regular subscription.

Pat Lucas
Excellent quality as always

I have subscribed to Roar Gill for several years now and use them to supply all our coffee needs. I have yet to find coffee as good anywhere else and I have tried many!


A great product. Love the coffee.
Great company. Roar Gill immediately replaced my caffeinated with decaf that Id accidentally ordered.

Stephanie Jones
Daily treat for me and the environment

I thoroughly enjoy my cup of Mysore decaf every day and am so pleased that a) it doesn't keep me awake and b) I know I am not adding to landfill sites. Thank you!