Colossal Pack 120 Pods

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120 Coffee Pod Colossal Pack. Nespresso Compatible®. Roar Gill Coffee Pods are Compostable and Organic:

Bold Lungo | 60 Pods

- A more intense profile, making this Sumatran coffee very versatile - extracting beautifully between 40ml - 110ml.
- Chunky flavour with a chewy cocoa body, leading to a bitter sweet cooking chocolate after taste. Distinctive notes of spices, cocoa and tobacco leaves.
- At a 40ml espresso shot, the Bold is intense standalone, or punches through longer coffee with a splash of milk. 
- Independently tasted tested - speciality coffee - graded at 83/100 points
- Intensity: 8 out of 10.

Exotic Espresso | 30 Pods

- Prepared by Ramadhan Salum, Burundian producer, who set up several wet mills in the Kayanza region of Burundi. This farm is a previous Cup of Excellence Winner.
- At a 40ml shot, the Exotic creates black aromas of honeycomb and tastes of toffee, leading to a syrupy sweet sugar cane aftertaste.
- Independently tasted tested - speciality grade coffee - at 87.5/100 points
- Intensity: 7 out of 10.

Rare Ristretto | 30 Pods

- Adin Ramos produces certified Marcala coffees - one of the greatest origins in Central America.
- At a 40ml the espresso shot, the Rare produces layered creamy milk chocolate notes, cocoa syrupy body – hazelnut – bright acidity.
- Independently tasted tested - speciality grade coffee - at 87.5/100 points.
- Intensity: 6 out 10.

Tasting scores over 80 represents the top 3-5% of the world production.

Tasting scores over 85 and above are cup of excellence winning scores - quite simply some of the greatest farms in the world.