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120 Coffee Pod Colossal Pack. Nespresso Compatible®. Roar Gill Coffee Pods are Compostable and Organic:

Roar Gill Bold | 60 Pods

Source: Cuzcachapa Cooperative, Chalchuapa, El Salvador
Type: Bourbon coffee
Strength: 8/10
Serving size : Lungo and Espresso
Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate Smokey Sweet Treacle

The Farm 

The Cuzca Coffee (also known as the Cuzcachapa Cooperative) has been producing and exporting some of the best coffee beans in the world.

This cooperative and mill hosts El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence competition each year. It pursues direct marketing and international direct trade relationships.

These initiatives promote the social and economic betterment of coffee producers to deliver the highest return on their crop. 


Roar Gill Exotic | 30 Pods

Source: COOPFAM, Minas Girais, Brazil
Type: Bourbon coffee
Strength: 6/10
Serving size: Lungo and Espresso
Flavour Notes: Sweet Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnuts

The Farm 

What do organic speciality coffee and social impact investing have to do with empowering some of the poorest women in the world? In rural Minas Girais, Brazil, women used to support their husbands on small family farms but had little involvement or say in the business or farming decisions. This changed forever in the mid 2000’s, when Oikocredit investee partner, Coopfam (Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo e Região) - a smallholder coffee cooperative - started to focus on empowering women to play an equal role in producing the coffee that had been a part of their lives for decades.


Roar Gill Rare | 30 Pods

Source: Delos Andes Cooperative Jardín, Colombia
Type: Arabica Beans
Strength: 8/10
Serving size: Ristretto and Espresso
Flavour Notes: Chocolate Almonds Blood Orange

The Farm

Excelso coffee represents the top ten percent of the cooperative’s production. Rare and sought-after coffee.

The cooperative provides a subsidy for younger generations that gives them more money per pound of coffee produced to encourage them to stay in the family business which helps long-term sustainability in coffee farming. In so many growing communities, the younger generation looks to leave the industry, as currently, coffee farming creates an extremely precarious financial position for the small-scale farmers.

Customer Reviews

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good coffee. save the world

good coffee. save the world

Great coffee

Love the coffee and the great service from the folks.

Very Good

I loved that fact that the capsules arrive in simple and effective packaging.. and the coffees included are sophisticated (if a little underpowered?)….. I will be buying your coffee from now on….

Roar _ Colossal Pack 120 Pods

Roar delivered as intended and suggested, on time and without fail. Not only are the pods organic and biodegradable but the wonderfully eco-friendly packing in which they arrived was great to see. Not to mention the smell and flavour of their coffee … mind blown