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10 Nespresso Orginal Compatible® Exotic Coffee Pods.

Eco Credentials:

- 100% compostable capsules 
- Carbon neutral capsule production 
- Carbon neutral coffee roasting 
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent to London >> Venice by car.

Coffee Spec:

Source: Peru
Type: Arabica 
Processing: Washed

Strength/Intensity: 6
Serving size: 40ml
Flavour Notes: Crisp acidity, medium body, floral aromas, rich sweetness.
Main Growing Regions: Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huánaco
Price Per Pod on Subscription: 38p


The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours . This wonderful light and complex Peruvian is best served at 40ml without milk. It’s light and tremendously complex - peachy, creamy and refreshing. The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours .

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jane H
Great taste

I enjoy the flavour of the Exotic and Rare pods especially and am very happy to share them with friends, who also enjoy them too. Love the compostable pods and packaging.

Toby Mayers

Love this coffee

Lovely taste that many people have appreciated

I love the fact they’re green pods- so important and that was the first reason we bought them. But the taste is precisely to my preference, not bitter. I love a good latte and not massively into straight coffee so this exotic coffee is spot on. Highly recommend. Am now doing the subscription.

Claire A
Delicious tasting coffee

Let me just say, I’m no connoisseur, I was mainly looking for the convenience of compostable pods. I’ve just enjoyed a cup of the Exotic shot blend but I did have it with milk which it says not to! 🤦🏼‍♀️. I prefer the lower intensity of 6 but I have purchased a bulk order of the Bold which has an intensity of 8 and I like flavour of that one too. I’m particularly impressed with the subscription service which I will continue to use in the future. In our house, we have this coffee as a special treat so it will take a while to get through our existing stock! Very impressed though, the pods work very well in our machine.😀

J Cooke

I love that these are compostable and the service is really excellent. This coffee is nice but it’s a bit weak for me.