Delivering a sustainable approach is core to Roar Gill's ethos.
Compostable capsules, CO2 neutral roasting, and CO2 neutral capsule production
go a long way to achieving this.

But we are always looking to go further. Our aim is to take a wider view of carbon emissions,
beyond what we do ourselves. Particularly in offsetting transport.

That's why we have teamed up with the
One Tree Planted Charity
to ensure your purchases deliver reforestation from where we source.

Reforestation programs provide an alternative income source
for agricultural works throughout the year.

One Tree Planted removes roughly a metric tonne of CO2
from the atmosphere over 50 years*. Through our planting donations, a coffee starter pack

will offset emissions broadly equivalent to London >> Venice by car



*source: Grantham Institute Imperial College London &

Current Project: Amazon Peru

More than 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon rainforest. This reforestation project is home
to over 10 percent of the world's bird species. The goal is to restore and protect the "buffer zone"
between Tambopata National Reserve, Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, and the city of Puerto Maldonado.

This area has been identified as a high risk zone for deforestation and degradation due to
unsustainable agricultural practices in the region. Planting trees here will help conserve habitat
for the Jaguar and hundreds of other species living in the protected areas, while providing sustainable livelihoods
to local people.  


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