Compostable is the way forward.


Roar Gill coffee capsules use a cutting-edge cornstarch-based
bioplastic that is certified to be 100% compostable
with all our packaging.


We work with leading compostable packing designers whose
project is backed by the European Union.

Certified by the Internationally recognised OK Compost scheme,
our pods will break down in any in any domestic or commercial compost in six
to twelve months.The energy used to produce the capsule also comes
exclusively from renewable energy sources.

In practice, recycling isn’t the eco-friendly option it appears.


Recently Nespresso estimated a 21% recycling rate for
their collection service. Other capsule
companies don’t publish
any recycling rates.
It makes us think the numbers are equally low.


To recycle plastic and aluminium capsules, the customer must cut open
the capsule and wash out the grounds or the pods won’t be recycled.


This option seems like hard work compared to our compostable capsules. Coffee Pods
that are not recycled create significant environmental damage.


We would prefer to build our ideas concerning sustainability into every pod, rather than asking
our customers to do the work for us – we know your lives are busy.


Everything we make disappears without a trace.

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