Recycling aluminium and plastic coffee pods isn’t working effectively.
Nespresso figures show approximately 70% of their capsules
are not being recycled. This leaves far too big a footprint still.
They have since stopped publishing these figures.

Compostable is the way forward.

Roar Gill coffee capsules use a cutting-edge wood fibre
bioplastic that is certified to be 100% compostable
along with all our packaging.

Using renewable materials that are responsibly grown is more a
sustainable solution than materials that have to be mined or drilled for.
Its at the heart of a renewable view of production.

Certified by the Internationally recognised OK Compost scheme,
our pods will break down in any domestic
or commercial compost in six to twelve months.

Here are our other core sustainability principles:

We are officially certified with CO2 neutral roasting processes;

We apply a carbon neutral approach to capsule production;

We only use recyclable packaging materials.

We work with a partner to ensure additional tree planting to deliver a carbon negative approach.

That is why recently awarded us Best Indy Buy for Eco Pods.