Why Our New Packaging is a Win-Win for Our Customers

Why Our New Packaging is a Win-Win for Our Customers

Roar Gill has always been about the quality of our coffee - combing wonderful flavour with an attempt to treat the planet with as light a touch as possible.

Our current beautifully designed boxes are wonderful – but in an Abundance pack, that means eight individual boxes and an outer postal box to hold 80 capsules.

Whilst our packaging is recyclable, we've listened to customer feedback, and agree that businesses should use less packaging as a principle wherever possible. That's why, from October, we will remove over 50% of the paper used in our bundle packaging.

This allows us to increase our focus on premium coffee for homes and offices, reduce the price of our coffee to all customers, and put less strain on sustainability processes. We are pleased to say that price reductions have already been implemented, ahead of October packaging changes.

High-tech compostable capsules and low-tech packaging, making the same quality of coffee less expensive for you.

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