What's in a Carbon Neutral Delivery Badge?

What's in a Carbon Neutral Delivery Badge?

Green credentials are often touted, but the devil is in the detail. For the eagle-eyed, you may have spotted the badge below on our product pages and when you check-out:

Plenty of companies now profess green credentials. But for smaller companies like us at Roar Gill, ensuring carbon neutrality can be harder to analyse and measure across every aspect of our business. We've been planting trees for years with One Tree Planted [we still are!]. But now, thanks to our friends at Shopify, we can make sure royal mail and fedex deliveries are carbon neutral down the exact km of each journey 💪

Below is a sample of our recent deliveries. Whether it's sent from our base in Hastings to London, Liverpool or Llandudno, we're ensuring the equivalent kg of CO2 is effectively sucked from the atmosphere:


Apparently that's equivalent to 23, 252 smart phones charged 🤓 We pay a small additional fee on every delivery to fund companies like Running Tide who focus on carbon removal through restoring ocean health. And there are plenty of others we support including Grassroots Carbon and Carboncure.

So it's one step further in our ongoing journey to guilt-free eco friendly coffee pods. It doesn't stop here. In the unlikely event you got to the bottom of this article, our next stop is: next generation compostable pods that break down even quicker 😎☕

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