What Water should you use with a Nespresso Machine?

What Water should you use with a Nespresso Machine?

We know you are always looking to get the best out of your Nespresso Original Machine. So be sure not to overlook a key component: water. It actually makes a really big difference to the taste of coffee.

It's not the taste of the water, rather its chemical composition. In hard water areas, the mineral composition of the water affects the chemical interaction and the chemistry brewed into the cup. In short it makes coffee taste flatter and duller. In fact, every cafe worth its salt has a commercial water softener.

So how do you apply this to using your Nespresso machine? Here's how:

1) Run a test – pour one shot using tap water.

2) Then add either mineral water or water that has been filtered (filtered water is better from a sustainability point of view). You will need to run a few shots through the machine to purge the tap water.

3) Try the shots side-by-side. If the tap water still tastes good, then you know your water chemistry in your area is probably good for brewing coffee. However if the filtered water increases strength and complexity, then it might be something to add to your morning routine!

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