What Does 'Coffee Pod Variety' Actually Mean?

What Does 'Coffee Pod Variety' Actually Mean?

Homogeny in coffee flavours has radically increased since the 1950s and the industrialisation of coffee production. Brazil and Vietnam are the single largest producers of coffee. Large plantations and industrial techniques grown in the same countries can make a lot of coffees all taste very similar.

Speciality coffee challenges these production practises, offering coffees with a wider perspective on flavour profile. At Roar Gill, we offer a wide range of styles, strengths and flavour profiles from small production farms across South America, Central America, Africa & Asia.

Lots of people like different things when it comes to their morning sup. We aim to offer a diversity of flavour experience, so you can find the coffees that suit you best.

Our speciality coffee pods need to be brewed a little differently. They are higher grown than coffees most people may be used to – this means that’s its denser and so the shot sizes have to be a little more precise.

That's why we have created a free booklet that can show you the finer points of how to get the best from speciality coffee in your Nespresso Machine. There really are some game changing hacks and tips in this 12 pager. 

New customers get the booklet automatically. But existing customers can pop it in their basket too. Just search for 'booklet' on our site before you pick up your next brew :-)

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