Too Hot in the Kitchen this Summer? Time to Make Cold Brew from a Coffee Pod

Cold brew is firmly in vogue this summer.

It doesn't come without its challenges, however. The traditional brew time can be anywhere between 8-24 hours. This feels like a bit too much waiting around in our increasingly instant world.

Its long brew time can also flatten some of the more delicate aromatics in great coffee.

We think Japan's solution to cold brew is the perfect answer.....

The Japanese method is to pour coffee over ice rapidly, reducing its temperature. This keeps all the aromatics and flavours of the coffee, and takes you busy people only a fraction of the time. So why not give it a try amidst the rising temperatures:

- Put a 40g block of ice in a shot glass and freeze. Make life easier by putting a few in the freezer at the same time.
- When the caffeine craving kicks-in, remove the shot glass and pour a 40 ml Roar Gill coffee capsule shot from your machine and mix.
- Add a couple of ice cubes at the very end if you need to make it colder. Besides, it adds a little dramatic effect.
- You're done. One cold brew in 2 minutes. No need to queue around the coffee shop corner.

This method is also a great test of coffee quality – flaws in roasting and flaws from cheaper low-quality beans are so much more apparent as coffee cools. 

Enjoy. Stay Cool. Now time to get the BBQ set out.....

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