Size Matters in Coffee

We love Italian espresso culture…

As water passes through ground coffee, the wonderful chemistry of good coffee is extracted along with all its flavour.

As you pass more water through the grounds, it gets weaker and the flavour also changes.

Each of our coffees is designed for espresso extraction meaning [ideally] one press of the Nespresso machine short button.

The short button creates a coffee that is between 25-40ml per pod which is roughly the same serving size as a café shot or a measure of spirits. 

Here at Roar Gill, we don’t want to be exacting or overly fussy about coffee, but using this starting point will deliver the coffee as we tasted it at the roastery.

There is certainly some wiggle room here depending on taste. Some of our customers press the short button twice.

However, using the Lungo button will use put 110 ml of water through the capsule which in our experience is too much for espresso range.

We are currently working on a filter style coffee specifically designed for the Lungo setting which we are really excited about!

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