Managing Coffee Subscriptions Just Got Even Easier...

Managing Coffee Subscriptions Just Got Even Easier...

Receiving deliveries of your much loved Peruvian coffee pods or Brazilian beans on a set schedule doesn't always work in your ever-changing lives. That's why we've made your new private subscription portal even more flexible!

Here are a few ways the new portal makes your Roar Gill coffee subscription a breeze:

- Running out of coffee? Okay, this is serious. We have added a SHIP NOW button when you head into Manage Subscriptions. Your delivery will automatically be shipped the next working day. And breathe.

- Want to try new things? Embrace that spontaneity in you by heading to SWAP PRODUCT and get that new intensity or coffee note on your next shipment.

- Feeling Flush? You can toss another single box or two into your order, either as regular subscription or just as one-time treat for your next delivery.

- Your Kitchen is starting to feel like a coffee pod factory? Wait, no...that's our job. No need to panic and cancel your subscription if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of coffee sat next to your Nespresso Machine or Aeropress. Simply hit SKIP SHIPMENT in your delivery schedule [for multiple deliveries if needed] and we won't send anything out until the next time you say so.

- Think it's time you deserve more discounts for being such a loyal customer? We couldn't agree more. Check in on your main website account log-in, and you will find periodic discount codes that you can copy and paste easily into your next subscription delivery.

And last but not least, for those of you yet to take our popular subscription plunge: you can hit cancel subscription anytime. We don't tie you in. 

We're also here to help directly if you need anything else of course. See. It really is a breeze:-)

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