How To Get Nespresso Machine Shot Sizes Right For You

How To Get Nespresso Machine Shot Sizes Right For You

Your shot from a Nespresso machine is really important. Setting your machine to the correct sizes makes a massive difference to the quality of your brew.

At Roar Gill, we have three sizes of shot: a 40 ml Espresso, an 80ml Cortado, and 110ml Lungo.

You may have unknowingly changed the default shot size of your coffee by initially holding the button until you were happy with the pour level, and then releasing. This means your next push of the button will deliver that same customised level of shot size.

So let's go back to the start. If you find out how to reset your specific machine to its factory settings, the short button will deliver a 40ml espresso shot and the long button will deliver 110ml lungo. For most Nespresso original machines, you can hold down either the Lungo button, or both buttons simultaneously, for 5 seconds and the Nespresso machine will revert back to their default settings. This is a really interesting starting point and should be the first thing you do. It will give you a baseline to adjust to your preferences.

Pouring a shot over 110 ml will result in a weaker cup which will become increasingly bitter. Pouring a shot under 40ml will result in a stronger shot which could be, though not always, too sour. Adding milk creates another set of flavour profiles which you will need to factor in when tasting and testing.

You can adjust the strength of the shot and also its flavour profile by adjusting shot size. If the shot is too weak, reduce the volume and pour a smaller shot. If it's too strong and going towards sour, simply pour a longer shot. So time to bring out the Barista in you - go on and get testing!



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