El Fénix Coffee: Coming Exclusively to Subscribers Soon!

El Fénix Coffee: Coming Exclusively to Subscribers Soon!

All the way back at the start of Roar Gill's story, we teamed up with our friends over at Raw Material, as well as other businesses, to co-found a community wet mill project in Colombia.

The El Fénix farm is located in the eastern municipality of Quindío, Colombia in Calarcá. It faces west toward the Cauca Valley and the central mountain range. The farm has ideal climate conditions with a strong sun reection off the valley and an average rainfall 2.275 mm a year, in addition to natural spring falls which provide water for the farm’s needs.

As well as being a rare variety producing farm, El Fénix is also home to a developing community wet mill for producers in the area. The project helped fund the construction of the mill, which now provides the region’s farmers with greater control over their coee quality, and control over their income through a xed price payment system. Investment in this kind of accessible infrastructure is one of the necessary steps to make good on the promise of development through trade.

Now our green coffee from the El Fénix project is ready for roasting, and will be available exclusively to Roar Gill coffee subscribers from Spring/Summer 2021. It's only a small one-off batch. So keep an eye. Blink and you'll miss it :-)

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