All You Need to Know About Our New Rare Daterra

All You Need to Know About Our New Rare Daterra

We try not to switch our coffees too often at Roar Gill. But occassionally we have to depending on harvests, supply, demand and availability. So its time to say Hasta Luego to the Cuban Rare and Olá to the Brazilian Daterra....!

The story started in 1902 when an Italian family from Bari jumped on a ship to Brazil and ended up in Campinas to plant coffee. Whilst their story isn't entirely coffee related (apparently they ran an auto parts business back in the day), Daterra coffee was fully born at the end of the 70's.

Today it's one of the most renowned coffee farms on the planet. But it's been a long journey. It took 10 years just to restore flora, fauna, soil and water quality to be in a position to produce coffee and export globally.

Daterra is now divided in 216 mini-farms of 5 to 15 hectares in the Cerrado Region. Each of them is traced via GPS, allowing the farmers to manage plots as if it was a single plantation. Terroirs are harvested individually based on the optimum maturation level of the cherries. 

Beans are then dried with precision, ensuring the right levels of moisture, before being taken to “rest” in wooden silos for over 40 days. This softens the taste and highlights all the positive attributes that you will find in our Rare Pods Today. Complex machine sorting then ensures beans defects are kept to a minimum, leaving only the highest quality batches for shipment.

It's not just the coffee that helped us choose the Daterra (it was previously a Cup of Excellence winner and well used amongst World Barista champions). Their sustainability credentials are also second to none.

They were awarded Brazil's Most Sustainable Farm in 2015 and, in 2018, were the first farm in the world to receive “Level A” certification from the Rainforest Alliance.

150,000 Native Trees planted, 3250 hectares of habitat preserved, and a fantastic cup of coffee brought to your door. Here's to the new Daterra ☕



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