A Spring In Roar Gill's Coffee Step

A Spring In Roar Gill's Coffee Step

The success of our initial three coffees means it's all change for March. Cue lots of new interesting product updates available from the middle of the month.

We will continue with the Exotic and Rare ranges, focusing on short ristrettos and espressos, following a great customer response.

The Exotic will remain as a single origin coffee with distinct flavour characteristics, but sourced this time from Burundi. A Central African country that has the lowest gdp per capita in the world and where paying a fair price to the farm is hugely meaningful.

The Rare switches from El Salvador to Honduras as an organic coffee, though will continue to pay homage to some of the world's best farms.

Arguably the biggest change will be the introduction of a new lungo [110ml long] sourced from Indonesia. This organic coffee will provide a perfect balance in our bundle packs, allowing customers to switch nespresso machine coffee lengths at ease.

Two final spring intros: a next generation compostable pod with improved oxygen barrier, allowing the coffee to stay fresher for even longer; plus a subscription service so customers can rid their fear of running out!

Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for more details on the coffees and launch dates. 

In the meantime, as we tidy up the little stock remaining in the current range, you'll spot a couple of bargains on the site in the next couple of weeks. Take a peek.
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