Rare | Colombia | 10 Espresso Pods

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Adin Ramos produces certified Marcala coffees and is one of the greatest origins in Central America.

At a 40ml espresso shot size, this coffee is intense and sweet with notes of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Independently tasted tested - speciality grade coffee - at 87.5/100 points.

Intensity: 6 out 10.

Roar Gill's Exotic Burundi Coffee Pods are certified both as compostable and organic. The environmentally friendly choice for your Nespresso Compatible machine.

The Rare range highlights and exciting coffees from some of the greatest farms in the world.



Roar Gill coffee capsules use a cutting-edge corn-starch-based bioplastic that is certified to be 100% compostable along with all our packaging.

Whether composting at home, through a council food waste collection or in landfill.

We prefer to build our ideas concerning sustainability into every pod, rather than asking our customers to do the work for us.