We were born an eco friendly coffee capsule company. But as we mastered our roast profiles, we decided
to broaden our horizons. By popular demand. As well as coffee pods, we now offer roasted beans
for those who prefer to grind and tinker to deliver their perfect cup.



Capsules have helped us here: we have a small range and only change our three coffees roughly every three months.
It means we can really understand how each bean absorbs heat and its effect on flavour.

It's not just about passion for coffee. Two years of testing has got us to a place where we can release whole beans.
We use a bit of maths too, translating data from our 50 gram sample roasters to our small-scale hand roasted production roasters.

This allows us hundreds of attempts to create the perfect roast in final production - meaning we really explore the flavour potential
of every bean. Constant testing means nothing leaves the roastery unless it is perfect.



Take a look at our launch collection from co-operative farms in Brazil, El Salvador & Colombia. Each with their own story, roast profiles and flavour notes. Choose from our single 250 gram packets, or enjoy free shipping and 10% off the subscribe & save bundle. Cancel anytime.

You can select from whole roasted beans, ground coffee varieties or unroasted beans. All that's left for you to do is grind or plunge the coffee to your heart's content.


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