Delivering Organic Coffee Sustainably.

A large proportion of the world's coffee is produced without pesticides.

The use of pesticides is bad practice, but the devil is in the detail.


 Organic farming can often mean the farmer is simply too poor to buy pesticides.

A roastery can buy from an organic farm, pay the farmer the Fairtrade minimum price for organic coffee,
and use a very powerful message to their customers.

Buying organic coffee without a rigorous organic cultivation programme transfers the risk of devastating
harvest failure to the farmer - the roaster simply buys from
another farm if things go wrong.

Paying the farmer more than Fairtrade allows us to work with farmers who are
investing in organic and wider sustainability practices.

Water treatment and lack of biodiversity has as significant an environmental impact as the use of chemicals.

Fast marketing messages work for companies. 'Fairtrade organic' is a powerful statement,
but sadly its not a rubber stamp for fairness and sustainability.

Paying the farmer more than Fairtrade buys extremely high-quality organic coffee
and allows for a wider and more complete view of sustainable practices.

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Here are our other core sustainability principles:

1) We always pay the farmer more than Fairtrade;

2) We choose organic coffee from farmers using sustainable farming practices;

3) We apply a carbon neutral approach to capsule production;

5) We carbon offset unroasted beans, to the tune of over 25k sea miles.


That is why recently awarded us Best Indy Buy for Eco Pods.

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