You can’t make great things with cheap ingredients. Paying
above the Fairtrade minimum price for our coffee creates
a significant difference in flavour. Most people have yet
to try coffee at this level. Refined. Standalone.

Quality starts on the farm.
The roaster is only ever as good as the beans they are roasting.

Roasting Lower Quality Coffee


Coffees with flaws are significantly cheaper. Roasting cheaper green coffee means that often the Roaster has to burn the coffee to disguise unpleasant tastes.

Darker roasted coffee is burnt to hide the flaws from cheaper coffees. The roaster is only ever as good as the beans they are roasting.

When the farmers’ hard work and our roasting are in harmony, the taste is transformed.

Roasting Roar Gill Coffee


Our farmers hand pick only the best ripe cherries. It takes 10 kilos of ripe cherries from the coffee bush to make 1 kilo of coffee that’s ready for us to roast.

The growing, hand picking of ripe cherries, processing, fermentation, drying, and finally hand grading of every bean are all opportunities for the farmer to increase the quality of flavour.

Each of these stages can result in many significant flaws …all of which can be tasted in the cup. These flaws mask or reduce the taste potential of the coffee. The hard work and attention to detail on the part of the farmer, is imperative to creating something that will taste delicious.

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