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30 Lungo Bold Caffeinated Pods & 30 Swiss Water Decaf Pods in one bundle pack. The perfect combo for those who want to balance their caffeine consumption.

Eco Credentials:

- 100% compostable capsules 
- Carbon neutral capsule production 
- Carbon neutral coffee roasting 
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent from London to Venice by car.

Coffee Spec:

Source: Seasonal Blend from Brazil & Uganda
Type: Arabica 
Strength: 8
Serving size: 40-110ml  
Flavour Notes: Dark chocoloate, treacle, vanilla.


Our aim for the Bold was to recreate the versatility of a Roman espresso shot. Enjoyable taken as black. But powerful and able to punch through milk perfect for a wide variety of different drinks.

Add a little milk to lighten the shot for a perfect flat white. Or Use the Lungo button with a dash of warm frothed milk for a perfect latte. This punchy allrounder extracts well from 40ml to 110ml.

Swiss Water Decaf:

Your perfect eco-friendly alternative for those that want to ditch the caffeine. Nespresso compatible and compostable decaffeinated coffee pods.

Source: Guatemala
Intensity: 6
Best taken: Between 40ml-110ml

To begin the decaffeination process, green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to dissolve the caffeine. After soaking, the water from the first round of green beans is percolated through activated charcoal (it really ought to be called the Swiss Charcoal Process.) The beans are returned to the hot water, where they reabsorb the remaining, caffeine-free flavor constituents from the water. 

Awarded Best Indy Buy 2020 for Eco Pods by the Independent Newspaper. Featured in the Observer's 50 Things We Love in Food & Drink in 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Good, guilt free pods!

Good flavour and excellent fit for the Nespresso machine :)

Great compostable great taste great service!

The answer to our Nespresso dilemma with metal pods. Totally compostable but no compromise on flavour

decafe was good bold not as good

decafe was good as somethime they can be insipid The bold was a bit dull as a flavour coimpared to asome of the others it seemed strong and fruity but not complex paxck was good Not sure how long these will take to break down

Great taste and eco friendly!

Love this coffee! Tried the starter pack and this time round picked the bolder tastes in Lungo & Cortado. Also tried the decaff - all delicious & thrilled with the decaff which has a good strong flavour. Love the compostible pods too!