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1 Bold, 1 Exotic & 1 Rare Freshly Roasted Medium Ground Packs. Roasted for Cafetiere & Filter. 750g total weight. Your perfect introduction to Roar Gill's ground coffee range. Enjoy Free Shipping on this Variety Pack.


-  Brazil, Uganda & Honduras Blend.

- Arabica coffee

- Strength 8

- Dark Chocolate Smokey Sweet Treacle

Blend Highlight: Honduras

Finca Monte Cristo coffee comes from the western mountainous region of Copan and is a high quality coffee designated as ‘Strictly High Grown’ (SHG) grown at between 1500 – 2000 meters above sea level which is an important criteria when searching for the best coffees. The bean develops more slowly providing greater flavour potential and a wider variety of roasting options here at Roar Gill.Finca Monte Cristo is a member of the international coffee partners.


Source: Peru

Type: Arabica

Processing: Washed

Certification: Organic

Strength/Intensity: 6

Flavour Notes: Crisp acidity, medium body, floral aromas, rich sweetness.

Main Growing Regions: Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huánaco


The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours .  It’s in high caffeine but its light and tremendously complex. Intensity and caffeine content aren’t the same thing. Its peachy creamy its delicious and refreshing. The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours.


- Source: Brazil Daterra

- Type: Arabica

- Processing: Natural

- Certification: Organic

- Strength/Intensity: 7

- Flavour Notes: layered cacao, hazelnuts and cedar

- Main Growing Regions: Cerrado Region, Brazil


- These farms are the oldest coffee plantations in the Brazilian Cerrado region and remain amongst the best coffee producing areas in the country.

- High altitude terroirs provide unique flavours and aroma profiles. Each terroir is harvested individually, based on the optimum maturation level of the cherries.

- Daterra maintains a strong sustainable ethos. 150,000 native trees have been planted in the area and 3250 hectares of land preserved in an otherwise resource depleting country.

- This farm is packed with historical accolades, including: Brazil's most sustainable farm, a Cup of Excellence Finalist.



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Best ground coffee ever. Worth the money and plastic free!!!

Love this coffee so much and the multi pack is amazing value. I love having a subscription so I know I will never run out of coffee.
Their customer service is amazing. I emailed them on a Sunday because I had ordered whole beans rather than ground. They contacted me within a few minutes, changed the order and I think the package arrived on Tuesday? Cant fault them! Everyone needs Roar Gill in their life.

Great Coffee

Brought as a gift for my husband who loves coffee. He’s currently trying the exotic which has gone down well. Unable to comment on the others but really impressed with Roar and Gill so far.

Great coffee, great service

I love Roar Gill!
It’s really important to me to support a small business with such a strong ethical commitment to all parts of the process. The service is quick and responsive.

This multipack is terrific value. Nice to try the range. I think perhaps that Exotic is my favourite as I’m into lighter more floral notes at the moment - but it’s good to have the variety.


Great coffee, thoroughly enjoying my daytime coffee and they are extremely fast at processing the orders.
Customer service I can’t fault either as I had an query, I emailed them and they emailed me back straight away. I would highly recommend