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120 Coffee Pod Colossal Pack. Nespresso Compatible®

Eco Credentials:

- 100% compostable capsules 
- Carbon neutral capsule production 
- Carbon neutral coffee roasting 
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent from London to Venice by car.


Roar Gill Bold | 60 Pods

Source: Seasonal Blend from Brazil & Uganda
Type: Arabica 
Strength: 8
Serving size: 40-110ml  
Flavour Notes: Dark chocoloate, treacle, vanilla.


Our aim for the Bold was to recreate the versatility of a Roman espresso shot. Powerful, able to punch through milk perfect for a wide verity of different drinks. 

One push of the short button and a dash of milk creates a special cortado. Add more milk to lighten the shot for a perfect flat white.  Or Use the Lungo button with a dash of warm trothed milk for a perfect latte. This punchy allrounder extracts well from 40ml to 110ml.

Roar Gill Exotic | 30 Pods

Source: Peru
Type: Arabica 
Processing: Washed
Strength/Intensity: 6
Serving size: 40ml
Flavour Notes: Crisp acidity, medium body, floral aromas, rich sweetness.
Main Growing Regions: Amazonas, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huánaco


The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours . This wonderful Peruvian is best served at 40ml without milk. It’s got more caffeine than any of the other ranges – but its light and tremendously complex. Intensity and caffeine content arent the same thing. Its peachy creamy its delicious and refreshing. The Exotic range is always about discovery – finding new flavours . 

Roar Gill Rare | 30 Pods

Source: Cuba
Type: Arabica 
Processing: Natural

Strength/Intensity: 7
Serving size: 40ml-110ml
Flavour Notes: Cigars, Rum, Chocolate Cream
Main Growing Regions: Sierra Maestra mountains


In the 40s and 50s Cuban coffee was some of the most prized coffee in the world. 
In todays very little coffee is grown compared to its heyday. As Cuba begins to open up, these silky powerful coffees begin to re-emerge. Cuban coffee should be a regarded as it was 60 years ago – it’s a relatively undiscovered gem in world of speciality coffee. A rare coffee indeed.

Awarded Best Indy Buy 2019 for Eco Pods by the Independent Newspaper. Featured in the Observer's 50 Things We Love in Food & Drink in 2020

Customer Reviews

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Colossal pack

Coffee is super tasty. Great it’s all compostable. Agree with other reviews I have seen that the coffee could do with slightly more punch

Best coffee capsules ever!!

Best coffee capsules ever!!

Coffe is way better than Nespresso's and the capsules are environtment friendly. 100% recommended

not sure about these

as in the title, I'm not sure about these pods. So far I have found them really too weak for my daily coffee. I prefer a lungo coffee with a bit of milk, and maybe these are more suited to espresso; I will persevere but I am somewhat disappointed, especially as they are quite expensive

good coffee. save the world

good coffee. save the world