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10 Nespresso Original Compatible® Bold Coffee Pods. 

Eco Credentials:

- 100% compostable pods.
- Carbon neutral capsule production
- Carbon neutral coffee roasting 
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent from London to Venice by car.

Coffee Spec:

Source: Seasonal Blend from Brazil & Uganda
Type: Arabica
Strength: 8
Serving size: 40-110ml  
Flavour Notes: Dark chocolate, treacle, vanilla.


Our aim for the Bold was to recreate the versatility of a Roman espresso shot. Enjoyable taken as black. But powerful and able to punch through milk perfect for a wide variety of different drinks.

Add a little milk to lighten the shot for a perfect flat white. Or Use the Lungo button with a dash of warm frothed milk for a perfect latte. This punchy all-rounder extracts well from 40ml to 110ml.

Customer Reviews

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Bold - a review

One or two shots of espresso each morning is my only coffee of the day. So I want it to be great. What’s the point in drinking disappointing coffee?
I love the intense end of the Nespresso spectrum but can’t deal with the aluminium pods any longer. Recycling is not easy. Composting is easy.
What’s difficult is finding an intense espresso pod that is compostable and delicious.
The offering from GRIND takes like drip coffee. This bold blend from ROAR GILL nearly gets there. Still not punchy enough in the flavour department and a little disappointing in the crema department.
But it’s the best alternative I’ve found so far.


We ordered 10 of the bold pods as a trial. We will be ordering more - can’t think of a better indication that we’re very pleased with them!

Jane Bremner

Bought for my son. The offer was the roast not up to your usual standard. My son has enjoyed them and would like the best roast next. That depends on my finances.

Ian Hill

Excellent coffee

Sarah Rigby
Great coffee

Great coffee without the plastic