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6 Bold Boxes [60 Pods] delivered monthly. 180 Pods in total over 3 months. Single payment upon purchase. Includes Free Shipping.

A more intense cup profile, making this Sumatran coffee our most versatile yet -extracting beautifully between 40ml - 110ml.

The Bold is chunky with a chewy cocoa body leading to a bitter sweet cooking chocolate after taste.

The coffee of Sumatra the coffee has distinctive notes of spices, cocoa and tobacco leaves.

At a 40ml espresso shot, the Bold is intense standalone or punches through a splash of milk. As the cup size increases to Lungo, a softer flavour creamier profile develops. Use a two capsule double shot for a perfect flat white. 

Independently tasted tested - speciality coffee -graded at 83/100 points

Intensity: 8 out of 10.

Roar Gill's Bold Lungo coffee pods are certified as both compostable and organic. The environmentally friendly choice for your Nespresso Compatible machine.


Ketiara is a female lead farm cooperative that is the go to organisation for great coffees Indonesia has to offer.

The coffee is 100% natural organic and shaded grown. Located in the Takengon Highland Central Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago composed by more than 15,000 volcanic islands. Coffee production comes from the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Flores, Sulawesi and Papua.

Sumatra is known for its diversified production systems that preserve animal species, but also for its agro-climatic that allows 2 harvests per year.

All Ketiara coffees are harvested by hand.



Roar Gill coffee capsules use a cutting-edge corn-starch-based bioplastic that is certified to be 100% compostable along with all our packaging.

Whether composting at home, through a council food waste collection or in landfill.

We prefer to build our ideas concerning sustainability into every pod, rather than asking our customers to do the work for us.