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NEW ARRIVAL! 6 Bold | 3 Exotic | 3 Rare Boxes [120 Pods]


A more intense cup profile, making this Sumatran coffee our most versatile yet -extracting beautifully between 40ml - 110ml.

The Bold is chunky with a chewy cocoa body leading to a bitter sweet cooking chocolate after taste.

The coffee of Sumatra has distinctive notes of spices, cocoa and tobacco leaves.

At a 40ml espresso shot, the Bold is intense standalone or punches through a splash of milk. 

Independently tasted tested - speciality coffee - graded at 83/100 points

Intensity: 8 out of 10.


This coffee is prepared by Ramadhan Salum, Burundian entrepreneur and producer, who set up several wet mills in the Kayanza region of Burundi.

At a 40ml shot, the Exotic creates black aromas of honeycomb and tastes of toffee, leading to a syrupy sweet sugar cane after taste.

Independently tasted tested - speciality grade coffee - at 87.5/100 points

Intensity: 7 out of 10.


Adin Ramos produces certified Marcala coffees and is one of the greatest origins in Central America.

At a 40ml the espresso shot, the Rare produces layered creamy milk chocolate notes, cocoa syrupy body – hazelnut – bright acidity.

Independently tasted tested - speciality grade coffee - at 87.5/100 points.

Intensity: 6 out 10.

Roar Gill Coffee Pods are certified as both compostable and organic. The environmentally friendly choice for your Nespresso Compatible machine.

See below for more on farms, shot sizes, and compostability.