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60 Nespresso Original Compatible® Bold Coffee Pods. Get Free Shipping on Your First Subscription Order Using Code: STARTNOW

Eco Credentials:

- 100% compostable capsules 
- Carbon neutral capsule production 
- Carbon neutral coffee roasting 
- Additional tree planting that offsets emissions equivalent from London to Venice by car.

Coffee Spec:

Source: Seasonal Blend from Brazil & Uganda
Type: Arabica 
Strength: 8
Serving size: 40-110ml  
Flavour Notes: Dark chocolate, treacle, vanilla.
Price Per Pod on Subscription: 29p


Our aim for the Bold was to recreate the versatility of a Roman espresso shot. Enjoyable taken as black - but able to punch through milk. Perfect for a wide variety of different drinks.

Add a little milk to lighten the shot for a perfect flat white. Or Use the Lungo button with a dash of warm frothed milk for a latte. This punchy allrounder extracts well from 40ml to 110ml.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Akass
Delivery issues

I love this coffee but I’m fed up with Royal Mail failing to deliver it!! I thought the whole point of the packaging is that it should fit through the letterbox… but if we’re not here it’s never delivered. Our postbox is plenty big enough it just seems the delivery option used necessitates an in person receipt? I don’t understand why it’s not just going through the letterbox!

Gill Gardner
Great coffee

Love the coffee but type composts me pods is why I buy from Roar Gill. Yet to turn the compost so hoping they have broken down!

James Boswell

Decent but unfortunately i prefer the taste of cheaper environment-destroyers from Amazon... So my search continues to find recyclable/compostable ones which taste nicer

Tom Woods
compostable :)

I tried this brand because the pods are compostable and got a subscription because the coffee is great, strong and flavourful. (Green packet). The customer service is very good too and you can skip a delivery if you need to.

Callum Kloos
Great service!

Had a small problem with the delivery company, and Roar sorted it out sending me new coffee straight away. 10/10